Gaia is an eclectic artist from Torino, Italy, currently based in Cardiff, Wales. Her background is in ballet and contemporary dance and fine art and art history. She has a BA in Contemporary Dance from Trinity Laban and has completed a two-years acting training at The Questors Academy in London. Further professional development includes courses with Frantic Assembly, Peeping Tom, RC-Annie and Theatre Re, as well as BADC training (Unarmed, Rapier and Sword and Shield).

Gaia is passionate about different kinds of art and is always looking to train new skills and gain new knowledge. The observation of people’s behaviour and interaction is fascinating to her; she is intrigued by all what is around movement, body language and communication.

Her experience encompasses collaborations with artists from diverse backgrounds and projects in very different settings, including site specific and traditional theatre, gallery spaces, outdoors and immersive theatre, dance, opera, film, photography and fine art.

She recently started playing with the character Miss B. and exploring quirky physical storytelling that draws inspiration from different art forms and focuses on questioning normative behaviour.

With Eleanor Felton, she founded Eat a Frog Collective at the beginning of 2021.

Follow these links to find out more about her dance, acting and modelling work as well as her experience and interest as a maker and teacher.